Eurogroup España Frutas y Verduras S.A. is a company that is firmly committed to quality service and a privacy policy of continuous customer orientation.

Our policy, beyond the concrete fact of providing fresh fruits and vegetables, is aimed at providing a complete service in the supply of these products, which implies a value for the market, that is, focus on managing all services, including food safety, quality, legality, specification and development with our producers, so that our clients have a differential perception of this service.

In order to continue taking firm steps towards excellence, we pursue the following general objectives:

  1. Foster a clear customer focus to ensure achievement of optimum levels of satisfaction with our services:
    • Exceeding customer expectations
    • Increasing the value of provided services
    • Extracting advantages from the requirements
    • Knowledge about what each customer needs through active listening
    • Attend the needs of the customer from the initial contact
    • Allocating the necessary resources in the quest for efficiency, not only the effectiveness of the service
    • Environmental, social and ethical responsibility
  2. Ongoing improvement in daily work methodology, internal management, employee training and corporative image.
  3. Orienting the Quality Management of our organization to the procedures that are emphased in development and relation to each other; in addition to effect the establishment of a system to measure effective indicators allowing the achievement of our quality targets.
  4. Prioritizing, a preventional policy based on the implementation of corrective actions, as the only way to improve the quality standards of our services.
  5. Ensure an excellent internal and external communication to ensure knowledge of the needs and expectations of our customers, in order to satisfy them with all the resources at our disposal.
  6. Create commitment to actively contribute to environmental sustainability, so as to promote good practices in internal processes as much as those of our producers.

The Management undertakes to communicate, explain and maintain, with the resources at its disposal, the contents of this Quality Policy, publishing and explaining it in an appropriate way. Its objectives will be implemented annually, proposed by the Quality Department and Quality Committee, and approved by Management. It will be applied to all levels of the organization throughout the existence and implementation of procedures and processes expressing how to proceed in the activities included in the System of Quality Management.

Ricardo Vázquez Naveira