The fruits and vegetables are considered an essential element of the human diet, forming an essential part of the base of the food pyramid. Within this group, fresh products provide the necessary elements that guarantee a healthy diet.

Therefore, Eurogroup España Frutas y Verduras S.A. provides its clients fresh products that allow to offer to consumers a purchase in optimal quality,health and food security in their supermarkets in order to benefit a healthy and balanced diet.

Supplying these products from production areas up to consumers all over Europe, is not a new activity. However, nowadays it is now facing a new paradigm: The consumer wants to find at his usual purchase the product he wants any time of the year.

The team of the Eurogroup is composed of specialized and knowledgeable employees and insiders of processes from production to handling.

The Total Quality Management, as a particular service, is part of the criteria of the decision making of the business direction.